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Our Process2023-07-24T21:04:59-06:00

Our Process

Timeline:  We normally send a fair cash offer to buy your house no later than 24 hours after receiving your property questionnaire. After that, you can close the sale with us in as soon as 7 days, or on a date that you choose. As an added bonus, you can sometimes get a check for your home the same day that you accept our offer.

We Make Selling Your Home Fast and Easy.

Easy Offer DFW is the way to go when you need to sell your Dallas property in 7 days or less. We buy houses all around the Dallas metro area and across Tx. We are property buyers, not real estate agents. So when you work with us, you avoid the waiting and worry that comes with a traditional real estate listing.

Our company will pay you cash for your home, putting you on the fast track to selling your unwanted property. Plus, when you choose to sell your property to us, you never get stuck paying fees or commissions, like you do with a regular home sale through a broker or agent. And since we buy properties in as-is condition, you never have to pay money out of pocket to get your home ready to sale either. So you can forget about making repairs, cleaning and staging your property for open houses and property showings when you sell your home to us. No matter what condition properties are in or how they look inside or out, we make all-cash offers on houses everyday, which meet our buying criteria. So now it’s your move!

Connect with us today to get your FREE all-cash fair offer on any unwanted property that you own.

Why Choose Easy Offer DFW?

  • Zero Fees to Sell Your House

  • Highest Off-Market Price

  • Sell As-Is. No Cleanup. No Repairs.

  • Close In As Little As 7 Days

  • No Closing Costs

How does Easy Offer DFW differ from real estate brokers and agents?2023-07-06T23:59:24-06:00

Real estate brokers and real estate agents make money off of property listings. They market your home, while locking you into an exclusive seller’s agent contract for 6-12 months in most cases, which is the average time that it takes to sell a home in many areas today. Their only goal is to make a total or partial commission on your home when and if it eventually sells, based on which agent finds a buyer for your property. With agent commissions averaging around 5%-6% of a home’s sales price, owners can easily lose thousands of dollars in the process of selling a home, when using an agent. But what’s worse is the prospect of a home that doesn’t sell. Owners really take a hit, when they’re locked in a home selling contract, losing money on a property every month, that’s often located in a depressed housing market which is also probably worth much less than what they owe to the bank. Homeowners in dire situations like this really can’t afford to wait on a real estate agent to find a buyer for their home. That’s where professional property buyers like us come in. Our company can make an all-cash offer on your property and you can close the deal, pay off your mortgage and even possibly walk away with some much needed cash in your hand in a little as 7 days, instead of waiting months on end to get rid of your unwanted property. We’re not like traditional buyers who comb over a foot-long checklist when buying a property. We’re not looking for a home in a certain neighborhood, a certain school district or a certain location close to our job. We’re looking for properties with only one thing in mind: is it a good investment that we can quickly buy, repair and sell (or rent) for a profit?

How do you calculate cash offers for properties?2023-08-14T18:36:52-06:00

Great question, and we’re an open book. Our process is very straightforward. We look at the location of the property, what repairs are needed, the current condition of the property, and values of comparable houses sold in the area recently. Taking the many pieces of information into consideration, we come up with a fair price that works for us and works for you, too.

What Happens After I Send You My Property Information?2023-07-07T00:00:22-06:00

We’ll take a look at the information that you provided and may contact you by phone to get additional details about your situation and the property that you want to sell. Then, after considering all of the specifics of your home, we’ll usually be able to come up with a fair and honest all-cash offer on your property that’s a win-win for both of us. And once you have an offer from our company, there’s no obligation whatsoever for you to accept it. We promise that the decision of whether or not to sell your home will always be totally left up to you. If you do decide to sell your home to us, the process will go fast and you even get to pick a closing date that fits your schedule!

Get Your No Obligation Offer in 24 Hours or Less!

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